Precision. Quality. Excellence.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, military personnel, or an avid hobbyist, these three attributes are the expectation when purchasing a firearm.  High Caliber Firearms, LLC (HCF) has raised the bar to offer customers the opportunity to work with skilled craftsmen that will assure your firearm is tailored to your needs. 

Precision is related to the dispersion, spread, or variability in the measurements - it is the quality or condition of being exact.  Anyone who utilizes a firearm would expect that it has the ability to shoot an accurate shot: when one one-thousandth of an inch makes a difference, precise engineering is paramount.  With a certified gunsmith on staff and a robust quality control process in place, we ensure that each piece of equipment that leaves our shop is to the exact specifications that optimize performance.

Quality is the standard by which products or services are measured against all other things of a similar kind.  The degree of quality we deliver in our products and services is higher than found at other traditional firearm retailers.  We can do this because we are not pursuing high volume sales, but rather the individual with discerning taste.  Everything we do is customized and focuses first on the desire or needs of the customer.  Quality is a long-term concept, one that we keep striving to improve upon. "Acceptable" is never good enough because the level we're trying to reach is "the best that can possibly be."

Excellence represents the state of being outstanding or surpassing ordinary standards at doing something.  HCF takes this a step further, measuring our level of Excellence not only by what we deliver, but how well we connect with our customers in that process.  Our intent is to form long-term relationships, rather than serve the masses.  It is essential that our customers feel they have had a unique and personalized experience each and every time they work with HCF.  This experience begins as we share our expertise to help guide our clients in making the best choice for them, whether it is related to designing a new firearm, customizing an existing piece or providing specialty gunsmith servicing.  For HCF, service excellence is an attitude engrained in every thing we do for a customer.